After extensive discussions, the CWT committee has made the tough decision to cancel our 2020 season and refocus our efforts on the future, when we can all meet on the water again. All 2020 memberships will be carried over to 2021.

Registration bags include:

"For the first 100 Registered Members"

  • CWT Member No. decal
  • 2020 CWT Banquet ticket 
  • PLUS MORE! - worth over $100 in member discounts, coupons & product!!



  • $50 membership fee - includes over $100 worth of coupons & product (for the first 100 registered members)
  • Members must register as individuals
  • Each member must possess a valid provincial fishing license
  • Each member must complete and sign the official registration CWT membership form along with the membership fee
  • Registration is allowed all throughout the season right up to the last tournament
  • Registration is not retroactive to tournaments already completed or started
  • CWT membership does not guarantee spots in any qualifying tournaments
  • Must be a CWT member to qualify for any CWT prizes
  • To qualify for any CWT prizes, you must fish with a CWT member to have the tournament count
  • An individual or team may win only one of the categories, with the exception of Big Fish and Heaviest Weight



For more information, contact:




At each sanctioned tournament, the highest finishing member will receive 150 points, the second highest member will receive 149 points, then descend from there.  

  1. Scoring will be based on each tournament team score with results being obtained directly from tournament organizers.
  2. Trail standings are derived from the accumulation of points received from each tournament
  3. Final scoring will be based on the best two (2) tournaments
  4. In case of ties, the tie breaker will be based on highest previous finishes for that year, i.e. number of 1st's, 2nd's etc.  If it still remains a tie, then the heaviest weight weighed in will prevail.  If it still remains a tie, then the biggest fish weight will prevail. 
  5.  Decisions on judgment calls by the CWT will be final with no appeal
  6. In all cases the spirit of the rule will prevail
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